Sergio made my first spruce top classical for me in 1991. My teacher Alice Artzt had one of his guitars and I loved the variety of tones, brightness, and dynamic range of that instrument. These guitars were modeled after a Herman Hauser I that they co-owned. I had an opportunity to play the original Hauser and can say that Sergio’s model surpasses the original. I sold that instrument in 1999 in order to buy another guitar from Sergio. This is that guitar and it comes with a great story. Sergio had a lot of spruce he held in reserve for many years after he began making guitars. The spruce was wood that his father, also a luthier, had collected. At one point in the early 1970s the father had sent some of this spruce to Jose Romanillos who managed to make three guitars from it. Julian Bream selected and played one of those guitars. It became Bream’s main instrument to record and perform with for many years. When I ordered my 1999 guitar Sergio finally felt that he was making guitars with great consistency and my guitar was the first to be made with that special spruce. My guitar’s construction was delayed by a terrible accident. While chiseling away the finish to glue the bridge Sergio had glued his foot to the floor with super glue. Yes, it was an accident. Would you deliberately glue YOUR foot to the floor? When he went to reach for something on his workbench he stumbled and the chisel went right through the soundboard! So technically speaking my guitar is the first one built from that lot of spruce but has the second soundboard. There are some instruments that we guitarists buy and sell with no regrets. The world can have this guitar when they pry my cold dead hands off of it!

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