Becktriani is a solo I recorded in 2005 with a Brian Moore Custom guitar running through Native Instruments Guitar Rig. Rather than creating a new Rock Category I decided to just drop this here.

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El Decameron Negro – First Movement

Leo Brouwer’s El Decameron Negro is ostensibly based on three erotic African folk tales translated by renowned anthropologist Leo Frobenius.  Brouwer was remembering these tales that he read as a child but did not reread the stories before creating the three movement quasi-programmatic sonata. The first movement presented here is subtitled “The harp of the warrior”. A young warrior has taken up music and plays the harp. He is ostracized and banished from his village. When the village is under attack he returns to fight for his people. Having lead them to victory he is once again banished and escapes with his lover. This is just a rough take recorded on July 7th, 2014. The whole sonata will appear on my CD Enchanted Realms.


Three compositions by Catharina Josepha Pratten nee Pelzer aka Madame Sydney Pratten

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