Hi there! I’m a music professor at Ocean County College and multi-instrumental performer and this is my blog. I have owned this domain for over ten years but have only started to develop it recently. I have been playing guitar since 1978 and Renaissance lute since 1986. I have commissioned a triple peg box Baroque lute and should have it within 14 months.  I am interested in all music periods and styles and currently perform music from the Middle Ages to modern progressive rock.


My opening blog subjects will be:


Forgotten: The music of Catherina Josepha Pelzer Pratten

Why guitarists and lutenists can’t play Bach in “the original key”

Minimalism and atonality as compositional techniques independent of style

Paleolithic Music? (My endless cathexis with the origins of consciousness and art)

The modern descriptive Sonata (quasi-programmatic Sonata)

Le Sorcier d’Lascaux (A sonata for guitar based on a 18,000 year old cave painting)

Authoritatively implausible: Historically informed performance and a little perspective.

A better understanding of Ars Subtilior (through the function of modern academic camarilla).